We are a Mexican company, specialized in producing fishmeal and fishoil, stablished in 1979.

Pacifico Industrial operates 3 refrigerated fishing vessels and a transformation plant, strategically located in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico.

Our products


Provides a concentrated source of high quality and high digestibility protein. Contains an important aminoacids profile, essential for animal feed.


Rich in Omega acids, DHA and EPA. Omega acids are essential for healty animal growth, supporting the immune system.

Fish solubles

Rich in soluble protein, good for animal feed and fertilizer.

Production system

Technology plays an important role for Pacifico Industrial; we have a continuous improvement philosophy that guarantees a high quality product that exceeds clients expectations.

We are commitment

with the world, people and community


Corporate Offices
Calz. Francisco Villanueva SN, Parque Industrial,
85065 Cd. Obregón, Son. MX

+52 (644) 411 0091

Parque Fondeport SN. Yavaros
85252 Huatabampo Sonora.Mx